About Pat

Pat Lewis has been illustrating since the early 90’s in the field of Science Fiction and Fantasy under the name; Pat Morrissey.

As a child, Pat was encouraged to create and she loved working with pencil, watercolor and pen. She spent many Saturdays at the local museums and was always spending the most time in the painting sections. From the early byzantine to modern paintings, that is what kept her in awe.  Her favorite section was with the pre raphaelites.  The colors, textures and realism in these delicate paintings inspired her creativity.

At seventeen, Pat studied oil painting with an accomplished realist painter and began the foundation for her medium. Copying early paintings like; Rosetti, and Waterhouse  she decided she wanted to be an artist for the rest of her life!   Also, at this time Pat started reading a lot of science fiction and fantasy books.   Her inspirations for paintings mainly came from these books. As Pat’s career continued, she got  a job at a local planetarium as their artist. This is where she found out about Science Fiction conventions and decided to attend. At her first convention, she sold a painting and discovered  people who were painting for book companies and there was a market for this type of art.

Check out the bibliography page to see the lengthy career that Pat has had.

Inquiries into the purchase of her art should be sent to;   foxartlady (insert the “at” symbol).com  paintings range from  400.00 for smalls to 4000.00 for larger, detailed paintings.